Eye Filter
Blue light filter

A blue light filter app for Android.

* Block blue light, for your health.
* Dim screen at night, feel comfortable.
* Minimal UI design, easy to use.

10.1.0 (Jul 24, 2020)
Day Day Count
Remember your moments & Make everyday count

This app can show you how many days and hours since/till your important events and moments
Birthday, Marriage, Moving, Pregnancy, Baby :)

3.0.0 (Jul 31, 2020)
2.0.222 (Dec 18, 2015)
How's Air
Worldwide real-time air quality data

A simple way to get air quality and pollution information, help you to protect yourself from air pollutions.

Based on your real-time location, this app can list out an overview of nearby monitoring stations with latest AQI (Air Quality Index), and data of each pollutants if available, like PM 2.5, PM10, CO, Ozone, NO2, etc. Alternatively, data can also be viewed on maps.

As of now, data covers thousands of stations around world, and is counting. Currently, this app only support U.S. AQI standard and China AQI standard for calculating AQI. Will try to support more world-wide standards in future.

2.0.0 (Jun 16, 2020)
Invoice Helper
Utility for China Electronic VAT invoice

An app to help accountant to prevent China Electronic VAT invoice to be reimbursed multiple times.
It can also help to verify the validity of the invoice online.

1.2.0 (Jun 08, 2020)
Habit Do
Track and record your habit

Habit Do app keeps tracking your habits.
Built-in plentiful icons and colors, easily tracking your habits of daily life, working and workouts. Have-done habits of today will be dimmed and faded out, help you clearly review your day. And it supports notification reminder based on weekdays selection, and cumulative timer for recording time duration.

1.0.0 (Jun 17, 2020)
My Ads Report
A simple report viewer for AdMob

This app allows you view and track ads earnings and metrics of your AdMob account on the go.

* Quick overview of your earnings and performance, with charts.
* Per app earnings & performance data, help you quickly analysising all your apps.
* Full support Dark UI.
* Supported metrics:
Est. Earnings | Impressions | Ad Requests | RPM | Clicks | Click Rate | Matched Requests | Match Rate | Show Rate

This app uses AdMob API & Google Sign-In SDK, we do NOT collect any of your account data.

1.3.0 (Sep 09, 2020)
Font Probe
Browse and install fonts

This app allows you to:
Easily access all frees fonts on the Google Fonts website.
Quickly preview fonts, try different fonts pairings in Font Playground.
Install fonts to iOS.

1.3.0 (Nov 06, 2020)
GPS Device Toolbox
Connect and manage external GPS receiver/logger

This app allows you to download log data from external GPS Receiver/Logger (like Holux M-241,TranSystem 747 ...) via bluetooth, similar to BT747 and ezTour on PC.
Main features:
* Download log data.
* Delete log data.
* Restart device.
* View logging settings and GPS status.
* Record raw NMEA sentenses.

This app is discontinued.
Thanks for all the users since the initial release on Aug 29, 2013.