GPS Device Toolbox

GPS Device Toolbox is an app which allows you to download log data from external GPS Receiver/Logger (like Holux M-241,TranSystem 747 ...) via bluetooth, similar to BT747 and ezTour on PC.

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Basic Usage:

First of all, you need to pair your gps device with your cellphone/tablet.
Select the device in the device list, and click Download. Log data will be downloaded and stored as a bin file to Download folder.
Copy the bin file to your PC, and use BT747 to convert it to other format, like GPX, Google KML...


1. Where is the downloaded log file and NMEA file?

Bin files and NMEA files are stored to the Download folder of Android. It's different among devices.
Usually it's the folder named Download on SD card: /sdcard/download/
You can not choose another folder in current version, but we'll add the feature soon.

New Features Coming Soon:

1.Tweak GPS device.
2.Convert bin files to GPX.


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